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European mail order brides are often associated just with Slavic countries, but there are also countries of Central, Western, and Northern Europe, and women there marry foreigners, too. In 2019 alone, the number of K-1 visa applicants from these countries reached 5 thousand people, and it only keeps growing.

So, do men have a real chance to meet a European bride online, and is searching for her even a good idea? You’ll find all the answers here.

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Why are European women popular among men seeking mail order brides?

Why look for a bride in this particular region? What’s so special about these women?

Though we can’t tell you more about European mail order brides without generalizations, if you want to know what to expect from these girls, you can rely on the information below:

  1. European women are strong and self-reliant. That’s one of the so-called positive stereotypes about Europeans that are actually true. They know what they want and how to achieve that, still respecting other people’s boundaries.
  2. Most women in Europe take marriage seriously. Yes, European brides don’t usually get married in their early twenties. They prefer to build careers, achieve something in life, find a decent partner, and then start a family.
  3. Tolerance and respect are the key values. We’ve already mentioned personal boundaries that European women respect, but it also goes for your national traditions, personal views of life, etc. They just accept people the way they are.

Of course, national characteristics vary greatly from country to country, but these are the common traits that most women in Europe share.

Common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding European mail order brides

European mail order bride
European bride

What are the things you might have heard about Europeans that are actually horribly wrong? If you’re going to date a European, take a look at these myths, never to mention any of them in conversation:

  1. They don’t care about anything but their careers and don’t know how to reconcile their careers and family lives.
  2. European girls don’t care about marriage and don’t want to have children, at least until they turn 40.
  3. Appearance doesn’t matter at all to them—they don’t know how to dress well and ignore all the fashion trends completely.
  4. They’re always cold and distant and don’t really care about anyone.
  5. They’re super easy and always approach men first, not looking for any kind of commitment.

Just consider this information and rely only on your own impressions when communicating with European mail order brides.

How much does it really cost to get a European mail order bride?

There are no fixed prices for brides and no mail order bride catalogs. Today, things work differently. A man can meet a foreign bride on a niche site, start dating her, meet her in real life, and then get married. However, it’s not free either. How much is he going to spend? Take a look at the estimations below.

Expenditure Price rangeComment 
Online dating services (a year)$1,000-$1,500The total cost will depend on the site’s pricing policy and how you use it. In most cases, members buy credits and spend them on messaging, calls, etc. So the more you communicate, the higher the price.
Trips to Europe (2 weeks)$1,200-$3,500+There are more and less expensive countries and more and less demanding travelers. These are just the approximate costs of trips to the cheapest and the most expensive European countries.
Visa$1,200The cost of a K-1 visa to the US.
Wedding$50-$20,000+If you’re not going to celebrate a wedding, you can spend just $50 on a license.

The total price can range from $5,000 to $12,000+ depending on multiple factors, from the policy of the site to the country where a bride is from and the frequency of your dates in real life.

The challenges and benefits of looking for European brides through mail order services

What should you be aware of before you start looking for a European bride online? Of course, such services have both advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at those that matter most.

Pros of mail order bride websites:
  • Access to profiles of women who are intentionally looking for foreign partners
  • Strict moderation, high level of safety & detailed profiles
  • Advanced search and matchmaking services
  • Many great communication features to build emotional connections online
  • Low costs compared to trips to Europe
Cons of mail order bride websites:
  • You won’t find a good free niche site
  • You’ll need to control your spending
  • It will take time to find a safe and reputable platform

Do the pros outweigh the cons for you? If yes, just keep reading—you’ll find more useful information below.

The process of finding and selecting a European mail order bride

If you’re going to search for a perfect match online, you need a good strategy, and here are the main points it can be based on:

  1. Choose the website carefully. It’s nearly the most important part. Find multiple options and pay the most attention to the user bases, quality of profiles, reputation of the website on the web, availability of the best communication features, and, of course, prices.
  2. Learn everything about the system and the community. Once you choose one or a few suitable websites, join them and test the free versions. Look through profiles, evaluate the quality of features, and then make a final decision.
  3. Get the best online dating profile. Make it as detailed as possible. Not only photos but also bios matter a lot. Make sure that others can find out who you are, what you are into, and what you expect to find on this site.
  4. Filter matches and focus only on the best ones. Some men just pay attention to appearance. Don’t make the same mistake and use algorithms, filters, and special features to find the best match in the shortest time.
  5. Communicate using the best features. There will be a lot of features, from instant messaging to gift delivery and video calls. Choose and use them wisely, depending on the context.

The rest is simple—start dating a special someone, build a deep relationship, and meet your perfect match in real life.

Real-life stories of successful relationships with European mail order brides

successful relationship with European mail order bride
Jack & Ann

“I was initially looking for a Slavic bride on one of the dating sites.

I was using the site for about two weeks, and things weren’t going as great as I expected, but then I accidentally saw my future wife’s profile.

She was from Sweden, and I was more than just surprised to see her there, so I wrote her a message asking what made her join the community. It’s been 3 years since then, and we got married 2 months ago.

My wife is amazing, beautiful, smart, and loving. Definitely the best accident in my life.”

find a perfect European mail order bride
Lui & Diana

“After my second divorce, I decided to try something new. I wasn’t desperate, but rather curious about who I could meet online.

I chatted with girls from Latin America a lot, met women from Asia, and though I liked those conversations, it wasn’t enough for me to book the tickets and go to another country to meet them.

After I met Diana, I did that in a week after we first met. I went to Belgium and fell in love with the culture, people, and my dear wife. Considering that we’ve been married for 5 years, that’s a story with a happy ending.”

look for a bride in Europe
David & Monica

“I’ve tried dating girls from different countries and cultures. I dated a Filipina at college, almost married a Colombian, and then still married an American; unfortunately, things didn’t work for us.

Then I tried international dating just to find out that cultural barriers are actually a problem. I almost gave up on this idea until I met my future wife. It took almost half a year of endless texting for us to understand this thing, and I actually moved to Germany to be with her. No regrets—I couldn’t be happier.”

❤️ Top European brides profiles

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Mariia Bohdana Profile image 1
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Mariia Bohdana, 23
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Geraldine, 28
France, Paris
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Tati, 23
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Anna, 27
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Marina, 26
France, Paris
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Nastya, 32
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Marianna, 35
Germany, Dortmund
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Svetlana, 25
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Nasty, 26
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Conclusion and last advice for finding a perfect European mail order bride

So, should you look for a bride in Europe? You need to answer this question yourself. Consider the information from this guide, set your own priority, and make a choice. If you decide to search for a future wife in this particular region, learn more about local dating cultures and national characteristics, and choose the right site. That’s how you can avoid mistakes, have a great experience, and achieve your main goal.