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You’ve probably already heard about mail order brides. These women usually live in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America, they usually want to find a man from the United States, and they usually use dating sites for marriage.

Everything looks very simple — but when you start thinking about it, you see that it really isn’t. There are lots of questions all men who want to find a foreign wife have — usually, these questions sound like:

  • “what is the best country for mail order brides”,
  • “how to find a bride and to attract her”,
  • “where and how to find best marriage websites”.

If you have similar questions, it’s ok — because we have all the answers here.

Here at we’ll make this whole mail bride thing a little more clear to you. We’ll talk about the average cost of a mail order bride, about where to find a good brides agency, and about the countries that have millions of beautiful mail order brides. Let’s go!

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What are the most popular mail order brides countries?

Men from West want to find a wife, women from Asia, Latin America, and Europe want to find a Western husband — all this mail-bride industry is world-wide. But the number of brides from, say, Ukraine or Brazil is different from the number of brides from the United Kingdom or Germany.

Why? What countries offer the most brides? Where to find a lady? We’ll answer right now!


When it comes to this continent, it’s all about its Eastern part — Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus are the countries with millions of beautiful ladies who are willing to find a man from the United States or the United Kingdom. What’s their secret?

Beauty, femininity, family. Millions of men adore the ladies from this European region because of their beauty — you’ve probably heard that the most beautiful girls live in Ukraine/Russia, right? Well, that’s not far from the truth. But it’s not the only reason why everyone loves them — they are also extremely feminine, sensitive, and caring, which makes them perfect girlfriends.

And of course, they do really value family — the absolute majority of them want to have a strong family and at least 1-2 children.

Systems Of Finding A Latin Cities Mail-order Girl In Latin Cities

Latin America

To understand why these women are so popular, you need to go to any Latin bride agency website and to watch the photos — the beauty of these ladies is almost impossible to describe.

They are very exotic, they have fit bodies, big brown eyes, and long hair — and they are also very supportful and emotional. The most popular mail-bride countries of this region are Brazil, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

Systems Of Finding A Asian Cities Mail-order Girl In Asian Cities


Japan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines are the top Asian bride countries — you probably know that Asia is very populated, so the number of brides is extremely high here.

There are literally millions of attractive, romantic, and very smart ladies who want to date an American man — and we can safely say that dating an Asian girl is great. You should try it, seriously.

What men are these ladies looking for?

Yeah, it’s called “bride for sale”, but it does not mean that you can buy a bride online. No, you’ll still have to attract her and to show her that you are a good guy — having an American passport isn’t enough to make a woman love you.

To attract them, you must be a real gentleman — lots of these women believe that men are not good enough, so as an American man, you’ll have to be respectful and caring. It’s also necessary to pay on the first date (and on all the dates, actually).

And of course, you must look great — the women from Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America are fantastically beautiful, they wear stylish clothes, so you’ll have to keep up. Your financial situation is not too important, but it would be nice if you have a good career, of course.

How much does it cost?

Systems Of Finding A Russian Mail-order Girl In Russia Post Thumbnail

Every foreign marriage agency has its own prices, so it’s impossible to predict how much you will spend. However, despite it’s impossible to give precise figures, we can still say that you should be ready to spend at least several thousands of dollars. If you choose a reputable website, you’ll have to buy credits or premium subscription (usually up to $100 per month), and you’ll also have to pay for a trip, hotel, dates, etc.

Don’t expect to spend less than $1,000-$2,000. If you are going to use one of those services with complete support (translation services, catalogs, addresses, etc), it’s quite logical that you’ll have to spend more. Such services can even offer romance tours — but it’s a very expensive service, of course. You’ll have to spend $3,000-$10,000 to use all these features.

History of mail order brides

It all began during the movement of the settlers to the Far West in the 19th century. Lots of women from the East wanted to begin a new life, that’s why they exchanged letters with the settlers, met, and married them (often right after the first meeting!).

The same was between the Chinese immigrants and women from China, who traveled to the USA to meet and marry men from this country.

Why you should try

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Taking into account the fact that they are real professionals who spend hours to test and review each of them, we believe that 100% of the sites you’ll find here are worth your attention. We don’t add bad and scam websites, and we are very good at sorting the good from the bad — these are the two main reasons why you should work with us.

Our corporate values

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Why us?

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