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Looking for a Filipino bride? Filipino women are some of the most beautiful and loving women in the world, and you’ll be sure to find a perfect match on one of our recommended sites.

Take a look at some of the top online dating sites for Filipino brides and see for yourself what makes them so special. You’ll be amazed at the wide range of profiles you’ll find.

The Philippines consistently produces more mail order brides than any other country in the world. Take a look at the most popular and reputable international dating services with thousands of Filipino brides we’ve listed for you!

Top dating sites to meet Filipino women

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Asia is traditionally popular among Western men looking for an attractive and loyal woman to date or marry, but Asian countries don’t have the same appeal to foreigners. There are countries in Asia where only a handful of women marry Western men every year, but then are countries like the Philippines, where 7,134 women moved to the United States in 2019 to marry US men.

And while some American men meet their future Filipino wives when visiting the Philippines as tourists, most of them find Filipino mail order brides on the internet. It means that you can do the same, and we know the perfect way to do it.

What makes Filipino girls for dating so popular?

The attraction of US men to Filipino women is strong and it’s only getting stronger. In the eyes of numerous American guys, Filipino ladies have every quality they want to see in their spouse. But what exactly do Filipino girls have that other foreign women don’t? Here are the three qualities you’ll love the most about Filipino women for marriage.

Filipino brides are too beautiful for words

Women in the Philippines may not look like the standard definition of Asian beauty we are used to, but they are gorgeous in their own right. Filipino women for dating have a delicate build. They are not very tall, but they are utterly ladylike. Filipino girls have a honey skin tone, long black hair, and expressive facial features. Women in the Philippines have a unique fashion sense that allows them to emphasize their beauty while remaining absolutely appropriate.

Filipino mail order brides put family above everything else

If you compare Filipino mail order wives to the women in your own country, you will see that they have far fewer career aspirations and are not at all materialistic. Many Filipino women work full-time, but they don’t think of themselves as careerists. They view themselves as wives and mothers first and foremost. That is why a Filipino wife has no problem with quitting work or making other sacrifices when that’s what her family needs from her.

Filipino wives find joy in housework

More and more Western women now believe in equality, which also extends to life at home. They will challenge you to divide the chores equally, especially if you both work. This is not something you will experience with a Filipino partner. These women are used to doing most of the housework by themselves and they are not going to pressure you into sharing the duties, although they will always appreciate your help.

Why are Filipino brides eager to meet Western men?

The Philippines is, in many regards, a typical Southeast Asian country. If you’re born into a wealthy, well-connected family, you have every opportunity you can think of. If not, it can be very hard for you to succeed in life. This is even more true for young Filipino girls who don’t have the easiest life before they get married, and even then they often don’t get the best treatment from their men.

To Filipino ladies, marriage to a foreign man is one of the few ways to escape the challenging conditions of their home life. They are also intrigued by the Western way of living and rightfully believe they can seamlessly fit into the new environment. Finally, it’s also worth noting that Filipino mail order brides find Western men irresistible and would date and marry one of them in a heartbeat.

How much does it cost to find a Filipino mail order bride?

In the past, there weren’t really a lot of ways for Western men to find a Filipino mail order wife. You could go to the Philippines or work with some shady dating agency, but those methods were time-consuming, expensive, and not very efficient. Now you can simply log into a dating site and meet thousands of Filipino brides, but this experience also does not come for free. Here are the expenses you’ll typically need to cover:

  • premium dating site membership;
  • additional communication features;
  • flower and gift delivery service;
  • going to visit your woman in the Philippines;
  • arranging your bride’s visit to the US.

The grand total of your online dating journey can depend on several factors. For example, if you find your ideal bride fast enough and don’t talk to a lot of women in the process, you can end up spending even less than you thought. You can expect a budget of $3,000-$20,000, although your situation can be different.

❤️ Top Filipino brides profiles

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Leilani Profile image 1
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Leilani, 33
Philippines, Rizal
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Cruz Profile image 1
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Cruz Profile image 5
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Cruz, 21
Philippines, Quezon City
From: SakuraDate.com
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Dionybeth Profile image 1
Dionybeth Profile image 2
Dionybeth Profile image 3
Dionybeth Profile image 4
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Dionybeth, 29
Centro, Philippines
From: SakuraDate.com
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Kristine Profile image 1
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Kristine, 26
Philippines, Abucay
From: SakuraDate.com
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Ryhs, 24
Philippines, Manila
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Moca Profile image 1
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Moca Profile image 4
Moca Profile image 5
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Moca, 26
Philippines, Quezon City
From: SakuraDate.com
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Mariana Profile image 1
Mariana Profile image 2
Mariana Profile image 3
Mariana Profile image 4
Mariana Profile image 5
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Mariana, 26
Philippines, Bulacan
From: SakuraDate.com
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Tweete Profile image 1
Tweete Profile image 2
Tweete Profile image 3
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Tweete, 33
Philippines, Consolacion
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Sam Profile image 1
Sam Profile image 2
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Sam, 25
Philippines, Manila
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Angielyn, 25
Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
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Gabor Profile image 1
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Gabor Profile image 3
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Gabor, 27
Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
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Maedriel Profile image 1
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Maedriel Profile image 3
Maedriel Profile image 4
Maedriel Profile image 5
Maedriel Profile image 6
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Maedriel, 34
Philippines, Talisay City
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Divero Profile image 1
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Divero Profile image 3
Divero Profile image 4
Divero Profile image 5
Divero Profile image 6
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Divero, 27
Philippines, Caloocan
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Rosalyn Profile image 1
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Rosalyn Profile image 5
Rosalyn Profile image 6
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Rosalyn, 25
Philippines, Manila
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Sharmin Profile image 1
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Sharmin Profile image 3
Sharmin Profile image 4
Sharmin Profile image 5
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Sharmin, 21
Philippines, San Pedro
From: SakuraDate.com

To sum up

Pinay women are so beautiful, faithful, and honest that you don’t really need to think twice before choosing a Filipino woman as your life partner. And now that there is no need to go all the way to the Philippines to meet its women, you can end up with a gorgeous Filipino girl for dating or even marriage sooner than you hoped!

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