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Vietnam may not be the first country you remember when thinking about Asia, but it has many reasons to stand out. One of those reasons is its incredibly beautiful, romantic, and faithful female population.

cute vietnamese girl in field

Unlike many other Asian women from more obscure countries, Vietnamese mail order brides are extremely popular with Western men and are regularly among the top 3 most coveted beautiful foreign brides of Asian nationalities. In 2019 alone, there were 1,782 Vietnamese women who received a K-1 visa and immigrated to the United States to marry American men.

3 things that make Vietnamese females so attractive

As soon as you get to know Vietnamese girls for dating, you will find lots of things to love about them. But if you’re just looking for a reason to take a more detailed look at Vietnamese women, here are the top three for you to consider.

Vietnamese girls for marriage have a pure beauty

The appearance of Vietnamese brides may be different from the East Asian nations, but they are gorgeous in their own right. Women in Vietnam have deep skin tones, a short but fit build, and surprisingly curvy figures (which is typical to sexy Guatemalan women and most of Latin brides). A petite Vietnamese wife will make you feel even more powerful and bold when she’s walking by your side. Vietnamese girls have stunning eyes and their black, shiny hair perfectly frames their faces.

Vietnamese women for dating are humble and unspoiled

If you’ve dated a lot of women from your own country, you probably know that they are getting harder and harder to please. A beautiful Western woman will never date someone who does not have a prestigious position, does not take luxury vacations several times a year, and drives a car that is more than 5 years old. This is not the case with Vietnamese girls for dating. These women care only about your personality and the way you treat them, that is very similar to pretty Ukraine girls and hot Serbian girls. As for the material things, they are prepared to work alongside you to achieve them.

beautiful vietnamese woman on ground

Vietnamese ladies are devoted to their families

Vietnamese wives grow up in a culture where family ties and taking care of each other are the most important things in the world. This is how they live with their parents and grandparents and this is exactly how they want to live when starting their own families. The decision to start a family takes a lot of thought for Vietnamese mail order brides, and they don’t take it lightly. Just like girls from Prague, if a Vietnamese lady agreed to marry you, let alone have your children, you can rest assured she’s not going anywhere.

Why do Vietnamese brides dream about meeting Western men?

Vietnam is a gorgeous country with a lovely climate and fascinating culture, but as a place for single young women to live in, it can be far from ideal. Unless a Vietnamese bride is born into a wealthy family or gets married to a well-off man, she has to work hard to support her family in addition to raising kids and working around the house. Some men in Vietnam are also known for their poor treatment of women.

Those are all the conditions a Vietnamese mail order wife tries to break free from by marrying a Western man. Women in Vietnam rightfully see the Western world as a place where they can truly enjoy life and get the safety, financial comfort, and opportunities they’ve always wanted. On top of that, they are drawn to the image of a typical Western man and can easily see themselves being married to one forever.

Meeting a Vietnamese mail order bride: how much does it cost?

Even though the concept of mail order brides has now changed its meaning and now simply refers to the foreign women you meet online, finding a Vietnamese bride still costs money. However, instead of giving the money to the woman or to some dating agency, you will only pay for your online dating experience and adjacent costs. Here are the most common online dating expenses:

  • membership on your preferred dating site;
  • extra communication and convenience features;
  • delivering flowers and gifts to the woman;
  • arriving in Vietnam to meet your bride;
  • arranging your Vietnamese girlfriend’s visit to the US.

Depending on the dating site you go for, the number of legit mail order brides you communicate with before finding the one for you, and the amount of time it takes you to make sure you want to be with the woman, the whole experience will cost you between $2,000 and $20,000. You can lower the costs by focusing on one woman from the start and meeting in person as soon as you’re comfortable with each other.

To sum up

Even if you knew next to nothing about Vietnamese brides before, now you are probably ready to join thousands of men who are looking for Vietnamese girls for marriage right now. Don’t let your dream of being with a Vietnamese mail order bride remain a dream — sign up for one of our recommended best mail order brides websites and begin the most exciting journey of a lifetime.