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Mexico is a land of gorgeous nature, incredible history, and delicious local cuisine. In 2019, 1,676 Mexican women entered the US on K-1 visas to get married to American men.

Mexico became the number one Latin country by the number of mail order brides. If you’re a single man looking for love, you will probably add a fourth item to that list — the charming Mexican mail order brides. Not only do they have all the qualities you want to see in your potential partner, but they are also surprisingly popular among men.

mexican mail order bride in mountains

Why Mexican girls for marriage are so coveted by men

Once you meet your ideal Mexican bride, you will discover so many of her positive features that you will wonder how you’ve lived for all those years without her. To motivate you to find a Mexican woman for dating even more, here are their top 3 desirable qualities.

Mexican wives are absolutely stunning

Without exaggeration, Mexican women are some of the most gorgeous ladies you’ve ever met. A typical Mexican wife is not very tall or skinny, but her figure is incredibly ladylike and toned.

Women in Mexico have a deep skin tone and raven-black, thick hair that looks particularly good when framing their lovely faces. Mexican mail order wives have strong facial features with big, expressive eyes and plump lips that look fabulous even with no makeup on.

Mexican mail order brides are fun to be around

After the first date with a Mexican mail order bride, you will count minutes until the next one. Many women in Mexico may not have the high-class education of Western women or the abundant travel experiences, but they have something equally important: a positive worldview, a good sense of humor, wisdom, and a vivid imagination.

Mexican women are never bored, whether they are on their own or with someone. They will make you enjoy your life even more than you do now.

Mexican brides are protective of their families

Family ties are an integral part of Mexican culture. A Mexican mail order wife can sacrifice a lot for the sake of her family and she will not rest until her loved ones are happy, contented, and secure. You won’t need to ask your bride twice to leave work and stay home with the kids or help you with some task. Mexican women for dating always put the interests of their family above their own and that is what makes them perfect for serious relationships and marriage.

mexican bride in forest

Why do Mexican women want to be with Western men?

Mexico is very close to the United States, which is why you are probably perfectly familiar with the reality of living in Mexico. If you come from humble beginnings and don’t live in an affluent neighborhood, life can be a daily struggle and even a source of danger for you.

This is especially true for single young Mexican girls, who often don’t have any protection and need to take care of their families in addition to themselves.

That is why it’s hard to argue with the fact that for Mexican mail order brides, marriage to a foreign man is a way to escape those challenging conditions.

However, it’s much more than that. Mexican ladies are also enamored with the image of a Western man they know from the media or even real life, and they don’t mind spending a lifetime with a handsome, respectful, ambitious, and caring Western guy.

How much will you spend on finding Mexican brides for dating?

Even if you live fairly close to Mexico, you will soon find out that the most effective, safest, and budget-friendly way to meet Mexican women for marriage is to do it online from the comfort of your home.

But while this experience is more cost-effective than doing your search on the ground in Mexico, it’s still not completely free. Here are the most common expenses of looking for Mexican wives online:

  • being a premium member on a dating site;
  • using additional contact options;
  • sending flowers and presents to your woman;
  • visiting your bride in Mexico;
  • inviting the lady to visit you in the US.

There is a range of factors affecting the overall cost of your endeavor. These factors include your dating style, the number of women you’re talking to, and even something you cannot really influence — luck.

At the very least, you can expect to spend around $3,000, but for most men, it will be somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000, especially if it takes you over 6 months of online dating to find the one.

To sum up

Mexican brides seem both very familiar and very exotic. The best way to experience their appeal in full is to meet them in person, date them, or possibly even marry them.

Now that you know what makes Mexican girls for dating so irresistible and where you can find your own perfect match, there is nothing stopping you from achieving what you’ve always wanted!