As a modern man, you probably wouldn’t go to Belarus as a tourist in an effort to meet Belarusian brides. There is a much more convenient and effective way to do it, which is online dating. We’ve selected a few international dating sites with single Belarusian women that you simply have to check out.

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Belarus is a relatively small Eastern European country, but it is surprisingly popular as an international dating destination. In 2019, there were 111 Belarusian women who received a fiancée visa to the United States and moved into the country to marry American men.

There may not be as many Belarusian mail order brides as there are Russian brides or Ukrainian brides, but Belarusian girls for dating still deserve your attention.

belarusian mail order bride on beach

What makes Belarusian women for marriage?

When you are a complete stranger to Belarusian girls, it’s easy to think of them as being completely identical to Russian or Ukrainian brides. However, Belarusian women for dating are amazing in their own right, and here are the three main reasons to consider them.

Belarusian brides are physically attractive

The beauty of Belarusian girls is not only striking, but also completely natural. The wave of cosmetic surgery, hair extensions, and heavy makeup has not reached Belarus yet.

That is why women in Belarus look absolutely pure and natural. They have a fair skin tone and hair in various shades of blonde. Belarusian mail order wives are rather tall and surprisingly curvy. They like to dress in ladylike clothes, but they value comfort as well, which is why you will hardly ever see them in stiletto heels while running errands.

Belarusian mail order brides are highly intelligent

For Belarusians, intelligence and education are some of the biggest virtues you can have. Belarusian families invest a lot of time and effort into educating their daughters, and it definitely pays off.

A Belarusian woman is someone who has a high school diploma, a university degree, and a huge knowledge base on any topic you can imagine. Belarusian girls for marriage are also witty and always know the perfect thing to say in any conversation.

Belarusian wives always have family on their minds

Modern women in Belarus can have impressive careers, extreme hobbies, and a long list of countries they visited, but they view themselves as mothers and wives above anything else. A typical Belarusian wife is ready to settle down long before she reaches 30.

Once that happens, she will never get second thoughts or make you doubt her fidelity. She will always be there for her loved ones and won’t hesitate to get rid of the distractions that prevent her from doing so.

belarusian woman for marriage resting

Why the idea of dating Western men is so attractive to Belarusian brides

Belarus is a former USSR country, and international marriages are traditionally popular there. The current generation of Belarusian women is also very attracted to the idea of dating and marrying foreigners for several reasons. First and foremost, they are drawn to the prospect of moving to a Western country for marriage, as they believe it will unlock many new opportunities for them.

Another reason why Belarusian mail order brides are open to the idea of being with Western men is that they are simply attracted to the image of a foreign guy.

They may not know any Western men in person, but they are more than familiar with their appearance and personality from the media. Every Belarusian girl has had a crush on one Western man or another, and being a mail order bride helps her achieve what she’s always wanted.

What is the typical budget of finding a Belarusian woman for dating?

When you hear about mail order brides, you should know that there isn’t a service that will take your money and deliver a Belarusian bride to you instead.

Meeting Belarusian women online works just as regular online dating but with one major difference — both parties are ready for an international relationship and understand what it takes. These are the most likely expenses when you are meeting Belarusian brides online:

  • membership on your dating site of choice;
  • extra contact or convenience features;
  • gift and bouquet delivery services;
  • traveling to Belarus to meet your bride;
  • inviting the girl to visit you in the US.

There is no set price of finding a Belarusian mail order wife and in each case, the overall cost is different. There are numerous factors affecting the price, from the number of months it takes you to find your ideal woman to how generous you are with gifts and flowers.

A typical budget of meeting a Belarusian wife online is somewhere between $2,000 if you’re very lucky and $20,000 if you prefer to take things slow.

To sum up

Even if you’ve never considered Belarusian women for dating or marriage before, we’ve given you enough reasons why Belarusian girls deserve your attention. If you already can’t wait to meet your Belarusian girlfriend, check out our selection of trusted dating services, decide who you want to meet and what kind of relationship you want, and embark on the most thrilling journey of a lifetime!