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Finding a woman for dating and marriage from Bulgaria online is rather easy — you just need to find the right website. And we have just a selection of platforms with the most excellent Bulgarian brides!

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Girls from this country are not that popular among Americans, so we want to change that! In 2019, only 66 beauties from Bulgaria found love and happiness with American men. We think that it is unfair since Bulgarian mail order brides are sweet, beautiful, and elegant.

Why choose Bulgarian girls for marriage?

Bulgarian females have a few advantages over women from other Slavic countries. First, Bulgaria has more working and educated women than any other Eastern European country. Second, English is exceptionally popular among younger generations of Bulgarian women for dating — you won’t find it difficult to chat and date with a Bulgarian bride. Third, girls from this country are not spoiled and demanding — they are more down-to-earth and relaxed. They value a person’s inner qualities rather than wealth and status.

Lastly, these ladies look like goddesses! Most of them are brunettes, but it is possible to find a blonde Bulgarian mail order wife. If you want to know what most brides look like, just take a look at Nina Dobrev!

Why do Bulgarian brides seek American men?

Just like most mail order brides, Bulgarian girls for dating and marriage want to have a happy and strong family with the right man. Just like Russian brides, they want to find a man who is successful and progressive. The United States is full of single guys who just want to find the right girl to start a family with. So, online dating is a perfect place for these people to find each other!

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Common stereotypes surrounding Bulgarian mail-order brides 

What things do people think they know about Bulgaria that actually have nothing to do with reality? We’ve gathered some of the most common stereotypes that all foreigners should avoid.

So, take a look and find out what you should never say to a Bulgarian woman: 

  1. Bulgaria and Romania are nearly the same thing, and Bulgarians and Romanians are nearly the same nation. 
  2. The country is poor, so every local woman would agree to marry a man just because he’s a foreigner. 
  3. Bulgarian women are subordinate to men, while men are dominant and rude. 
  4. All Bulgarians are stubborn without exception. 
  5. Bulgarian women are obsessed with their beauty and have very high standards. 

None of those things are true—consider that when you start approaching Bulgarian girls online or in real life, and you’ll avoid most mistakes foreigners usually make. 

The process of finding and choosing a Bulgarian mail-order bride

How can a foreign man find a Bulgarian girlfriend and start a relationship with her? If you aren’t going to visit Bulgaria in the near future and want to meet someone online, take the following steps: 

Find the website that will suit all or most of your needs
The user base is the most important criterion to focus on. Make sure that there are many Bulgarian singles on the website, check the profile quality, take a look at the price list, and find out what features you’ll be able to use to meet Bulgarian girls and get to know them better online.
Create a profile that will help you achieve your main goal
Focus on two things—bio and photos. Avoid meaningless phrases and corny jokes, tell more about yourself, and indicate what your relationship goals are.
Narrow the search down to your best matches
Appearance is important, but it’s not the only thing to focus on. Use search filters, swiping, and other features aimed at helping users find their best matches. Read bios and contact someone who really shares your views and values.
Communicate with women until you start a relationship
Then enjoy communicating with ladies, use different communication features to build emotional connections, and don’t hesitate to make the first move if you realize you really like someone.

That’s how things work. Follow these tips, find a Bulgarian girlfriend, start dating her online, and then meet in real life. 

Real-life stories of successful relationships with Bulgarian mail-order brides

Eliza and Robert

I’m married to a Bulgarian, and it took some time for me to understand how things work in her country. We met online, and I went to Europe to meet her in just a few months. That’s when I found out she expected me to act more like a gentleman. Everyone who says Bulgarian girls are easy just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. 

That’s where my culture trip began, and I found it pretty satisfying to buy flowers and hold the door. I got a lot in return—my wife is a family-minded, loving, caring woman. I do believe traditional gender role distribution makes our relationship healthier and happier. 

William and Maggie

If you’re looking for the hottest, most open-minded, and family-oriented girls in Europe, go to Bulgaria. I met my girlfriend through friends, and we had been in a long-distance relationship for two years until I proposed. Though it was a hard time for both of us, it was worth it. 

I didn’t doubt her faithfulness as she was always motivated to make things between us work, she remained gentle and loving, and I do believe that’s somewhat a national characteristic—her mom, aunts, and girlfriends are exactly the same. 

How much does a Bulgarian mail order bride cost?

Dating a girl from this country won’t be expensive. Online dating services usually cost around $50 per month, but if you want, you can surely spend over $100-200 on additional features such as gifts, flowers, video communication, and anything else that a dating site can offer.

Having an in-person date with a Bulgarian bride would be more expensive, but don’t expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars. It is possible to have a great week with a date for just under $3,000 (and that’s the same cost you’ll spend if you’d like to meet Ukrainian girls, by the way)!

So, everything in your hands — you can find a Bulgarian wife in a few clicks and enjoy your life with the right woman beside you!

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